Tuesday 15 November 2022

Twin State Fruits - The Model

My rendition of Twin State Fruits had to be a building flat of sort with the length reduced to about 80% of the size. I had measured the building back in the 1990's with plans done for the CVRHS Ambassador at that time.
I built this model almost two decades ago and last winter it needed a bit of repairs. The walls is a plastic textured material that had come apart at a few spots. Some Walthers Goo and two clams seemed to do the trick. A bit of dusting and touch-up painting and all is good for maybe another decade...George Dutka 

Some glue and clamping fixed the areas were lifting had occured.

A view looking down at the structure. I am still looking for a roof vent that look more like the prototype in size and shape. I used a small commercial item from decades ago.

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