Tuesday 22 November 2022

CN Proto Switcher

The weathered engine is ready to roll. I used acrylic gray as a wash with an outline of rust to emulate the peeled effects.
Peter Mumby was selling off some of his train stock this fall (I was manning his table). One of the offerings was a new Proto CN switcher that I thought should have sold well but for some reason it did not. I asked him if I could take it home and work on some weathering with it. I was planning to do the cab roof paint as a peeling effect and add some overall shoot. The stacks and around the car body doors on the walkways would get some oil staining and spilling. The brake shoes are rusted up similar as to what one would see on the prototype. I think the switcher turned out well and who knows it might go quickly at the next show. If not, maybe I'll keep it in my own collection. Having a low-cost engine to practice weathering on works well for me...George Dutka  

The engine how it looked when it arrived on the workbench.

A closeup of the oil stains and brake shoe rust. Most of the engine was overcoated with Bragdon soot (black).

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