Monday 14 November 2022

Pennsyvania X23 Boxcar

Interesting the car door opens to the left side. Also note all three cars have different style of doors.

A few views I researched for a model I am building. These photos are from the Bob Charles collection. No other details are known. These views will be really handy while building my model or should I say rebuild. The car is an old wood kit that someone put together decades ago which I feel could look a lot better with a few changes. I have had the model for maybe 20 years and just am getting around to it...George Dutka  

Plug doors are found on this car.


  1. Small nit, but these photos are from a collection Bob Charles had, but he was not the photographer

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    1. Hi Jamie, thanks for the R7 note regarding the reefer...George

  3. ThanksTed for the correction...George