Friday 4 November 2022

Pennsylvainia G22 50' Gondola

The model is lettered and ready for weathering.

I recently finished lettering and weathering a Westerfield kit that was assembled and painted by Pierre Oliver. It was commissioned by Dick Walker a long while back. I stole a pair of trucks from another kit added Rapido steel wheels and Kadee 158 couplers.

The car was gloss coated then decaled. I used a few Northeastern calk mark decals which I have on hand. The model was then gloss coated followed by a flat finish coating.

The underbody and inside the gondola were given a wash of AK railroad wash which comes in their rolling stock set. The sides are lightly coated with PanPastel raw umber shade and AK asphalt road dirt near the ribs. Some of these powders are also added to the interior. Vallejo rust texture is applied along the interior edges and lower outside edges of the gondola. I did not want it to be all that rusty.

The next post we will look at stuff added inside...George Dutka 

The decals are nice quality and easy to apply.

Seems like the car made it to Cincinnati. Northeastern calk marks are applied.

A wash is applied to the underside and also the interior.

The two powders added to the sides of the car.

I am planning on adding a pile of tie plates and ties as a load.

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