Saturday, 21 January 2012

Crosby Coal

Crosby Coal in Danby, Vermont., Sept 1994. The canopy has been rebuilt but the coal chutes are now missing. Take a look at the photo below and you will note there is still a good amount of coal in the chute.  George Dutka photo
A look at the prototype structure
once serviced by the Rutland Ry.

Coal chute Sept 1994

I finished my Branchline model kit of Crosby Coal just before Christmas. It took me most of December working on it on and off. I also got a chance to installed the model on the layout before the end of the year and everything looks fine. I will begin the review of my project today by showing you some of my prototype photos I had taken over the years. The structure built reportedly built in 1914 still stands as far as I know. I had last visited Danby, Vermont just over 3 years ago. My original post which details the construction of the base and an additional prototype photo was Nov 8 2011...George

A look at the rear of the structure. The prototype ladders are all metal. The ladders in the kit are laser cut wood but might be best modelled with a finer metal ladder. May 1991, George Dutka photo
At this point the coal chutes are still in place but the awning is all but gone. May, 1988, George Dutka photo
Most of the paint is gone from the front facade although the lettering is still good. May, 1988, George Dutka photo

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