Saturday 28 January 2012

CV Swanton

Swanton, Vermont in the 1950's. Bob Moeller collection.

CV Swanton station model in HO scale

April 1988
At the 2010 CVRHS annual convention The North Western Vermont Model Railroad Club from Essex Junction, Vermont displayed their new HO scale kit offering. It is a laser wood kit manufactured by Branchline Trains in their Laser-Art Series. The display model is not completed but it gives one the general idea of what is included in the kit. It has been built to look as it did in 1875. Most of us would be looking at constructing it as it would have looked in the 1950's. Bob Moeller has supplied me with a photo from the 1950's. I have also included some photos I took in the 1980's and later.

The station is marketed as Railroad Kit #101 for a price of $117. They appear to also include shipping. I am not sure how many of these kits are currently left but if you are interested check them out at for more details.

The Swanton station was empty and the only railroad building still standing by 1998. The Swanton Historical Society had till the fall of 1999 to find a way to save the station. And save the station they did. The Station was moved on September 14, 1999. This was not an easy task considering it measures 20' by 90'. Luckily it did not have far to go. I remember viewing Jim Murphy's slides from the move. Jim Murphy was working as a  NECR dispatcher in St. Albans during that era. The NECR moved the station on a flat car. The time window was small, 5 hours to complete the move and get the equipment clear of the main line. The move had to happen between the AM southbound and PM northbound freight  trains. It all worked out and the station sat till 2002 when it was totally refurbished and now houses the Swanton Historical Society....George Dutka

The CV Swanton Station model  on display at the CVRHS convention 2010
photo by George Dutka

Swanton, Vermont station on April 29, 1988. At that time it was being used as the Abenaki Tribal Headquarters. This is the backside view. George Dutka photo
The Swanton station looking south, April 1988. George Dutka photo.

It is April 1988 and we are looking north from the siding switch. Note the frt. house in the distance. George Dutka photo
The Swanton station has been moved the previous fall and was awaiting restoration. It is seen here when I visited the area in May 2000. George Dutka photo

The Swanton station as it looks fully restored during a visit Oct. 2010. George Dutka photo
Swanton, Vermont Oct. 2010 or eight years after restoration.  George Dutka photo

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