Friday, 27 January 2012

Sylvan Scale Models

Sylvan Scale Models operations are housed in a replica station in Clare Gilbert's back yard. The baggage cart seen to the left on the platform was pulled from the dumpster at the Burlington, Ont. CNR station years ago.  January 2012

A visit with Clare Gilbert

On Monday I tagged along with Gary Pembleton to Sylvan, Ont. about 30 minutes from London to visit with Clare Gilbert. Gary is a retired CNR dispatcher known as GAP in the rail world  and had a package for Clare to forward at the Springfield show this weekend to Bill Badger. Forget about the postal system when you have a direct route.

I have know Clare for years but have never visited his home and shop. Clare's a very fine modeller and owns Sylvan Scale Models. He has build some years ago a CNR style station in his backyard that houses his company. Currently Clare has two employee's working full time. He also notes that his business has been around for over 20 years now.

We had a nice visit and a tour of his scale models operation. All the model making, packaging and shipping happens in the station. In his home he has a room which is his modelling room were prototype masters are made. Clare also has a room dedicated to his research material. As most single modellers and builders there is elements of his work on displayed throughout his home.

We had a good talk and viewed many of his current projects along with some of his masters from the past. I was impressed at how many model manufacturer's use his products and services. Lately his projects are focused on model cars, trucks and boats but he has done some non railroad projects to keep his shop humming along....if this seems interesting you might want to check out his revised web site...George

 Sylvan Scale Models 1/87 vehicles, HO-Scale, N-Scale and O-Scale models

Clare Gilbert is in the process of telling us the story behind the stations he manufactured for  Rutland Car Shop. He has one of the masters in his hand. This is Clare's modelling room were many of the masters are made.
An overall view of Sylvan Scale Models.

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