Thursday, 12 January 2012


Placing Figures and details on your Layout
that actually stay in place
Over the next month or two I will cover some of the simple little things that I have found that makes modelling easier. Plus "stuff" I do which add to the final appearance of my layout. Some products you may already use or perform these techniques...congratulations you are way ahead of most of us. Some of the tips I will be passing along I just learned myself.

One product that I have been using for a few years now on my layout and dioramas to hold small things down is Mini-Hold...a US made products.

A few year ago when Lou Sassi was shooting by layout for Model Railroader he wanted to reposition some of my figures to enhance the scenes. He pulled out this little red plastic holder, rubbed the figures feet over the surface and placed them in place with no effort. Well that was really interesting. After taking a photograph he just lifted the man up and reset him facing a different direction and he stayed in place. I was so impressed with Lou's Mini-Hold I went out to our local hobby shop to order some. To my surprise Doug actually carried this product. This is all I now use to attach my figures to the layout. Mini-Hold does not leave any marks when objects are moved and my figures do not fall over unless I bump them. The one ounce container costs just over $3.00 and will last me forever.

Mini-Hold is a removable clear wax adhesive great for attaching accessories to layouts and comes in 1 oz containers. Here you can see I am about to attach my HO scale engine man to the layout. Just a light rub over the wax and I can place him and move him a few times before more wax needs to be applied.
Well things are back to normal now that I got my computer back. I will be busy over the next few weeks backing up all my files and downloading my camera cards after the holidays but I do have some project finished to share. All for now...George

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