Tuesday, 31 January 2012

WRJ Yard Office Sign Update

Note from Dexter Cheney...

The following comments I have just received from Dexter Cheney regarding the Central Vermont Ry. White River Junction yard office sign that I discussed in my  November 29, 2011 post.

"Yes, I am the person who "rescued" the White River Junction Yard Office sign, stored it for many years and delivered it to the museum in the White River Jct. station a couple of years ago.

The building, across the roadway in the yard from the coaling tower, housed the engine house foreman's office, CV North Yard operator (staffed 24 hours), car inspectors, & freight conductors' desk, and mail boxes for consists and waybills.  All of those functions, in addition to the bunk house were moved to new quarters housed on three floors in the roundhouse, which the bridge and building gang from St. Albans constructed in the former boiler room space on the yard end of the engine house.

I have sort of lost track of the timing, but my hunch is that the old yard office was slated for demolition in 1958 or '59.  I asked if I could have the sign and as many of the stored documents (copies of train orders, messages, crew registers, etc.,) as I could haul away from the second floor of the building before it was torn down.  The documents are now part of the CVRHS archives collection."

Very best wishes.

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