Wednesday 24 October 2012

Clinics - Fine Scale Model Railroader Expo 2012

Russ Greene of NE Brownstone gives his clinic on carving stonework. Note the green streaks in the prototype photo.
 Two days of Expo Clinics

Clinics ran from 8am till supper time on Friday and Saturday at this years Fine Scale Expo. Don and I attended eight clinics which was about half. It was hard to squeeze it all in as we wanted time to look at the contest models visit the vendor booths and visit with friends. We picked the ones that we thought would help us the most with our modelling projects. During each clinic we did learn at least one important modelling tip. I have included a few photos.

Brett Gallant of Sierra West Scale Models gave a clinic on realistic detail castings. One tip he gave us was to drill a hole in the bottom of a barrel casting and support it with a wooden or metal rod for easy handling while painting and weathering.
Many of you will remember the name Michael Tylick from MR in past years. Michael presented two clinics, one of which we attended on scenery. We also took in a Michael Duggan clinic on modelling roofing and awnings with tissue, building craftsman structures by Jack Ellis, and improving craftsman structures by Doug Foscale. We also attended both clinics by Brett Gallant as seen in the photos and also one by Russ Greene, NE Brownstone and Dave Myers, Gatorfoam...George Dutka

Brett Gallant clinic, modelling with stripwood included his board weathering solution seen here. One can fine more information at his Sierra West Scale Models web site.
Brett Gallant also gave us a neat tip on making knot holes and knots made from toothpicks. Something I am going to try.
Dave Myers of Gatorfoam gave us a very informative clinic on his product and its uses. I have done a post on his product last winter. Here Don Janes gets a few additional tips at Dave's booth.
In this view one can see how Gatorfoam is used to build a dam for a waterway display module. Don and I came away from the Gatorfoam booth with a good supply of model base material.

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