Saturday 20 October 2012

Contest Diorama's - Fine Scale Model Railroader Expo 2012

One of the one foot square diorama entries.
  2012 Contest Diorama's

At last weekends Expo I had my pocket Canon A590 with me and got some pretty good views. The lighting was not the best for photographs but at least some spot lights could be found over some models for better inspection. These same spotlights made photographing the models tricky. All in all a big improvement over last year. I picked the models that I thought I could get the best shot of and posted these. All registrants had a chance to vote for their favorites, and the prizes were excellent. The winners were announced at the banquet....George Dutka

Here is the smallest diorama I saw. It is in a sun glass case.

This is a O scale structure that won one of the prizes.
This was a interesting diorama with a torn down building in the mix.

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