Saturday 27 October 2012

Modeler's season begins - Cleaning Day

Another modeling season is beginning with the annual layout cleaning.

White River Division 
Summer's hibernation is over 
11th Modeling season begins.

Yesterday I spent the entire day doing my annual cleaning of my work and layout rooms. I finally got the last of my boating gear stored away earlier this week...most of my gear is under the layout till April. Now my "modeling season" can begin, the 11th for the White River Division. After a 5 months hiatus I normally have my work cut out for me. A good reason for keeping the layout smaller.  I can't believe how many cob webs have congregated in these two rooms this past summer. It might have been the worst year for spiders since I have built the layout.

Each fall before I begin adding my rolling stock to staging I give the track area, walls, floors, ceiling and so on a good vacuuming. I then use a large, soft, make-up brush to dust off the structure roofs and my vehicles. About every three years I also add a little ground foam were it looks tired and faded. The ground foam was still OK this fall but for sure will need some refreshing next season. A bright boy is used to shine up the rails and a engine is run over every piece of track to check for electrical problems. This year, so far, no problems. Most years there is some minor electrical issue that is usually a quick fix. Good reason to keep the electrical system simple.

I keep all my engines and rolling stock in sealed boxes and wall cases during the off season to save my models from getting to dusty while not in use. Once all is cleaned I start assembling train consists. A second day will be spent testing engines as some have not been run in a couple of years and of course there always are those rolling stock repair issues that arise each modelling season...George Dutka

One of my wife's old make-up brush is seen on the roof of a farm house. Cleaning the tops of the structures once a year keeps them looking great.

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