Saturday 6 October 2012

Old time truck conversions

My first panel truck conversion was done by cutting the back panel off, add a flat bed with sides, cutting the fenders and gluing them to fit over the wheels. The entire model is painted Grimy black with the mirrors painted old silver, the wheels brushed with red chalk weathering and the seat green chalk. The headlights can be painted white or silver and two dots of red added at the rear for tail lights. Marker jewels would also work.
 Early era trucks conversions
Finding other uses for a panel truck

Many years ago I purchased four early era panel trucks which were simple plastic kits. These I used on my narrow gauge modules. As time went on and I retired the modules these trucks would ultimately find a home on the White River Division. I decided to chop one apart making a flat bed truck which surprisingly was very easy to do. The second I cut only part way through the rear panel making a pickup truck. All the body's needed a new styrene back for the cab. Loads can be added for more interest. One can still find these kits on occasion at model RR flea markets. I think the photos might tell the story best...George Dutka

All four of my old panel trucks are seen here. The original is front left. The front right model has been cut down into a pickup truck. I added a load. The back two are made into flatbed trucks. One is finished and the other is awaiting paint. One can see the styrene additions to the model awaiting painting.

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