Monday, 8 October 2012

Modelling White River Jct,, Vt. in October RMC

 White River Division and Green Mountain Route in RMC

In the October 2012 RMC you can find two articles on modelling White River Jct. Don Janes and I both put together articles describing our versions of White River Junction. Don has modelled the yard and roundhouse while I focus my modelling on the Station area. We also got the cover this month. I originally sent my article in last fall. Bill at RMC had planned on running it early winter. In the mean time Don and I came up with an  idea that since we both model WRJ that we could make it a combination feature...Bill liked the idea and agreed to it is...enjoy...George Dutka

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  1. Hope to pick up one of these, it wasn't in earlier this month.

    Bob Moeller