Tuesday 4 December 2012

Swapping scenes

West Barre station is removed and the area enlarged to accept the new drop in modules. I found that I could use my barn scene that was displayed on top of my file cabinet since last winter. The finished scenery and Gatorfoam borders still need to be constructed.
Multiple scenes at West Barre
I realised when making the Gatorfoam base for West Barre that is was almost the same size as my Northeastern dairy barn display. My barn base is a touch larger. I decided to use the barn base size as my template for any structures added at West Barre which would let me also use this structure at this location.  Before a base can be set in place I had to add a wooden support underneath that was screwed to the layout framework. For this I used a couple of pieces of basswood scraps that I got last month at Mt Albert's Lumber. I will also build a box around the edges using scrap Gatorfoam so the scenery can be built up to the edge of the display bases. All this will be painted with my living room paint (my new earth colour).

I removed the section house from across the track as I decided to make this a drop in display area also. I have two section houses on my self that will fit this location nicely. I also plan on building a milk platform to be used when I add the barn or mill scenes. I think I will have many mixes available for this scene.

I was really surprised how good the scene looked when I just dropped the barn in place even without the scenery being repaired yet. I am now really motivated to get working on the other structures that will grace this space...George Dutka

The station base is test fitted. Some scenery work needs doing. I removed the section house that sat across the tracks from the station. This area will also become a drop in location as I have two different section houses already built that can be used. I also plan on building a Rutland Ry and  a B&M style milk platform to be used when the barn scene is in place.

The barn is set in place. The scenery work has yet to be done, but actually looks really good as-is at eye level.

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