Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wednesday Visit - Don Janes

Don operates his trains with his new NCE wireless handheld while Peter Mumby gets some video of the operations.
 Visiting the Green Mountain Route
On Wednesday Peter Mumby and I went to Sarnia to visit with Don Janes. Peter had never seen Don's Green Mountain Route so he was really looking forward to the visit. For the trip to Sarnia we followed the CNR Strathroy Sub, but did not come across any trains. Once at Don's we had our usual coffee and chat around the kitchen table including some swapping of booklets, catalogues and papers. Then it was off to run the layout. Peter spent most of the time taking video and still shots. Don and I discussed his layout plans for the expansion into the old layout room and his new CV caboose project. He is using the same CV Walthers caboose as Peter and I used, but he is scratch building the ends and underframe. He also moved the cupola back a touch. The model is looking great and he promised to share it with you shortly on the blog. Before we left we did a group shot at Don's new CV New England Brownstone trestle scene. Don will be covering this project shortly also...George Dutka

A self portrait of us in front of the  newly constructed NE Brownstone trestle. Peter is on the left, Don in the middle hiding the trestle and I am on the right...sorry guys, guess you probably wished we were not in the photo so you can see the layout...I will leave that to Don to display.

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  1. Nice report and photos - looks like a fun time. One of these days, I'll collect Pierre Oliver and the two of us will join you! ;-)
    - Trevor