Sunday 30 December 2012

West Barre Module - Installed on the WRD

An overall view of how West Barre looks today as one of three drop in diorama's I have for this location.
Another Drop-in Module Completed

My last post covers the refurbished West Barre station. Here you can take a look at it in use on the White River Division. I am very happy how this diorama blends in once again at this location. The seams are well hidden with ground foam weeds and fencing. The gap on the roadway was easy to hide by just placing a vehicle on the roadway over the joint.

A straight on view of West Barre station before the section house foreground building is added.

One detail I used to hide any gaps at the rear of the diorama was a short piece of fencing. It also gave me a place to add a CV billboard advertising Mt. Mansfield and the ski slopes near by.
On the layout I built a rectangular border for the area my drop-in dioramas is placed out of scarp Gatorfoam and basswood strips. I made sure it would be a tight fit. This area was all painted an earth colour before the scenery was applied to blend in the old with the new.

West Barre is now one of three drop-in diorama's that can be used at this location. I have a barn which I already covered, West Barre a CV style station and a B&M frt. house which I will post shortly. I still have a mill and fuel oil dealer to built that might be added to the mix. Having a finished smaller layout gives me the opportunity to build scenes that can be swapped out. I actually can run a train around the layout and on each pass change out the scenes ..later...George Dutka
A CV RS-3 heads a caboose hop past the West Barre station on the White River Division.

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