Saturday 15 December 2012

White River Divison's 200th Post

I am not sure who has the right of way as I have yet to write the rule book for the White River Division. One thing for sure, neither train will be backing up. I imagine the two conductors are looking after that.  Both my cabooses are new additions to the fleet this modeling season and are from True Line Trains.
Another Mile Marker Passed

This post marks the 200th entry into this blog...sure sounds like I have had a lot to say in little over a year. I just want to thank all of you for following along and for the kind words and e-mails that has been passed along. At last count the WRD has had just over 31,000 views in 13 months.

The White River Division during this modeler's season has seen a face lift begin in a couple areas. The scene at West Barre is over a decade old and was only to have been a temporary stand in. You will see what is happening here over the next few weeks. One scenario, a barn scene, I have already posted. I have a few more changes planned for the layout once the holiday season passes.

I do have a lot I like to cover, prototype and modeling and Don Janes is working away on a post covering his new CV bridge scene which is awesome. Don mentioned having over a dozen photo to be included. Well I guess we will see were my and Don's thoughts and energy will take us...onward...George Dutka

Here we see the end of the CNR Paines Spur near St. Thomas, Ont., Dec 2012. On our layouts we would place a nail between the rails to keep our engines and rolling stock from getting away or falling off our layout. On the CNR the prototype does it a little different. It may seem silly to place a derail prior to falling off the rail, but my guess this is to do with rule violations by train crews.

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