Friday 21 December 2012

B&M White River Jct. - Yard Office

I caught the WRJ to East Deerfield job departing from the White River Junction, Vermont Guilford yard, located south of the station. The old B&M yard office has not been used in years but still remains standing on May 4, 2000. The main line is found on the other side of the yard office.

The old B&M yard office is gone

On May 16, 2012 the Boston and Maine Ry yard office was finally torn down. It was located next to the main line in the old B&M yard. The yard office had not been used in decades but seemed to survive without windows and doors for all this time. It is kind of a neat structure that could work in many model yard locations. I photographed it many times over the years although I had not been down to that end of the yard in at least 10 years. I should have seen how it was holding up. I guess I thought it would always be there. I did have the sense to measure it back in the 1990's with the thought of building a model of it. At some point I just might. Well another piece of New England RR heritage is now gone...George Dutka

I took this photo on Sept 27, 1992. The awnings are still in place at that time and many of the windows. The main track is seen in the foreground.
B&M yard office at White River Jct. Vermont on May 4, 2000

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