Saturday, 8 December 2012

Metal Storage Rack

The metal storage rack is placed on the White River Division temporally till a better location is found. The CPR caboose is a True Line trains model while the CNR box car is a new Atlas (ex-Branchline) kit  release. The NH boxcar is a AAR Branchline kit.
Laser Modeling 3
One of the free Expo 2012 kits

One of the free kits handed out to Expo registrants in Lancaster, Pa. was by Laser Modeling 3. Don and I headed there first to make sure we got our neat metal storage rack kits. Laser 3 also has some neat looking kits that you may want to check out on their web site.  Laser Modeling 3

Thursday afternoon I decided to separate the wooden parts, scrape and pit the parts followed by staining with Hunterline light gray followed by Hunterline cordovan brown. I let these dry for about an hour then glued together all the wooden parts. I doubt I put in two hours to this point including taking these photos.

The Expo brochure ad and all the kits parts.
The wooden pieces are all stained with two Hunterline stains.

Yesterday afternoon I cut the roofing into 4' widths. These I stained with Hunterline weathering mix followed with a light dusting of Bragdon weathering powders. I also weathered the frame work at the same time. The roof was glued on. I added a few weathered scraps of wood and metal to the roof as seen in the ad photos. I thought the scraps added a bit to the final appearance. Once the roof was done I added the two small leftover pieces of roofing to the rack. I had some scrap Campbell's corrugated roofing that was already painted and weathered. These are just glued in place on the racks. I also added a really weathered leftover piece that I once etched for my Hopper Models stone shed roof. A small sheet of silver paper is used as a piece of sheet metal in the bottom rack. The whole project probably took me just under 3 hours to complete over two days.

All the metal pieces are now added to the rack. The metal roof was weathered with Hunterline weathering mix and Bragdon powders.

For now I added the rack to my layout across from my barn. This is the location my section house normally is positioned. I added a few barrels and a skid to add some extra interest. The final rack location on my layout is still uncertain but for the moment it can stay were it is...George Dutka.

A close-up look at the rack while on the layout.

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