Sunday, 2 June 2013

CV 50' boxcars

I believe the graffiti was applied using photos of a particular car.
When Peter brought over his engines and equipment I decided to take a few close-up views of the boxcars. What makes these cars stand out from others I have seen is the colourful graffiti and re-painted detailing. So let's take a close look at both sides of CVC 402157...George Dutka

The other side of the CV boxcar had new paint patches and stencilling applied.


  1. Wondering if you know when these would have been in service? There is an Athearn model of this precise car but there isn't a build date among the markings...I'm modeling Conrail circa '80 ish in New England and I see the occasional CV in the photos and curious as to whether this would be appropriate (I'm relatively new to this btw).

  2. Hi Ryan: These cars were built around 1970 for paper service. Many are seen in the 1980's and 1990's everywhere along with CN and DWP which look identical...not sure if any are still in service today as I don't recall seeing one in a few years...George