Friday 5 December 2014

A Garage for my General Store

I think this garage adds extra interest to the overall scene. It is a very simple structure to build.
As my rebuild rolls along I decided to add a garage to my Elwell General Store Scene. I had a garage kit, a free offering or handout from the Structure Expo a couple years ago that would work fine. It was an easy build that I completed in one day. I pulled a few boards up then assembled all the wooden parts. This was stained with Hunterline weathering mix followed by a coat of Floquil grime. The garage doors are cut in half as I plan on leaving them open. The plastic parts are airbrushed Floquil grime. These were the only parts added at a later date as it took me sometime to get around at getting my airbrush out.

The roofing was changed out with leftover pieces from my Bar Mills Bull's Salvage kit. It was painted Floquil rust. I added a basketball rim above the door that I had from Mount Blue Model Co. This also got Hunterline stain and the rim was coated with light rust Bragdon powders. The whole structure got a light coat of Bragdon....George Dutka

Stella Scale Models used this little structure as its Expo handout a couple of years ago.
I decided to add a basketball hoop to the front of my model. These are made from two pieces of laser cut wood. They are offered by Mount Blue Model Co.
My garage doors are attached with Canopy cement which makes the joints movable. I do like to position the doors after the structure is added to the scene.
The model is done and ready to be added to the layout.

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