Sunday 21 December 2014

Snapshot - December 2014

The southbound Vermonter crosses the Duxbury trestle just north of Waterbury, Vt. on Oct. 5, 1998.
This weekend I seem to have picked up a flu bug of some sort, so I have stayed in sneezing and coughing while getting caught up on some print scanning that had been requested. I did not realize how many I have stacked up to copy and some I really wanted to do I can't find. Anyhow I thought I should share a couple that I really like of the Vermonter and Montrealer for this months Snapshot.

Photo Above
I was on my way home from a trip though Vermont in 1998 when I decided to do something different in regards to catching the Vermonter. I was at the Waterbury station earlier then the scheduled train time thinking it would be nice to catch the train somewhere different. I had seen photos taken on the Duxbury trestle a sort distance north of town but had never visited the site. I did have a detailed  Vermont atlas with off I went. I found the trestle with time to find a good spot for a photo without too many trees in the way. I am guessing today one could not get much of a shot if all this greenery has growen up. As it turned out the roadway was on the wrong side for morning lighting of my shot, but I think my photo came out well enough. I need to make a trip back to this spot some day.

Photo Below
In 1994 I was in St. Albans taking photos of the yard, shop and station as the early morning Montrealer arrived. The train spends a bit of time in town as a crew change is made and the engine is fueled before leaving. I had enough time to get my shots and head out of town catching the Montrealer once again at another location. On this occasion I decided to try the East Alburgh trestle, the south end. There is a side road near the spot I was standing when I took this photo. This turned out to be a great place to leave my car well out of the way. I have returned to this location through the maybe my favorite location in Northern Vermont....George Dutka

The northbound Montrealer heads out onto the trestle at East Alburgh, Vermont on June 10, 1994.

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