Tuesday 16 December 2014

WRD in Current Ambassador

CV 4547 heads a local including a CV milk car. The engine is a Front Range model I painted, lettered and detailed in the 1990's. The milk car is a newer Roundhouse product I reworked the ends to better follow the prototype. The covered bridge is scratch built emulating the Northfield Falls prototype. I also added the old station sign to my version just as it was decades ago. The farmhouse is slated for replacement with a more New England version. Have yet to decide if I will scratch build the house found at Northfield Falls or use a kit-bash.
The current issue of the Central Vermont Railway Historical Society, the Ambassador has a feature of my CV trains on the WRD. If you have seen the article and follow this blog you realize a lot has changed (almost everything) since I wrote this article. I actually sent that article into the Ambassador in 2010 and to the past editor. The article has finally surfaced and Stephen Horsley has done a really nice job presenting this material to the CVRHS membership. The reason I wrote the article was to comment on the WRD article found in the March 2009 MR. Lou Sassi back in 2007 took equal views of all the roads I model, but for some unknown reason the CV photos never made it into print. One CV photo Lou was extremely happy with and mentioned could make the MR cover. This photo I thought looked fantastic also and I wish I had a copy. As it turned out none of the CV photos made it into the feature. I think they just may have if Marty was still at MR. I am glad to see my CV photos from that 2009 era of the WRD in the current Ambassador...George Dutka

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