Saturday 6 December 2014

Rapido Reefers - Quick Weathering

The Oscar Mayer car looks really bright right out of the box. The Swift car had already got some weathering last year but I decided to add some additional powders. The Swift car roof is done quite heavy with the sides getting a light dusting.
Earlier this fall I had not pulled out my airbrush yet but wanted to add my new Rapido Oscar Mayer reefer to the layout. It was really shiny and new looking. I decided to just dust it with Bragdon powders and see what happens. I also add some powders to my Swift car which already had got a bit of airbrushing on its roof  and siding a year earlier. From past experience the powders hold on well to my rolling stock even when handled I can't see any problems with finger markings...George Dutka

My Oscar Mayer car got a overall coating of Old Yeller Bragdon powder. The roof got a coat of used brick which also is found in the same package. I streaked it down the car sides lightly at a couple of spots. I think this bit of weathering really helped dull down the shiny look of the car.
This is how the two cars looked before I got started weathering.
My cars are now in service...looks like fresh beef has arrived at White River Jct.

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