Friday 12 December 2014

Modeling New Haven Boxcars

My two NH boxcars are seen heading through Bellows Crossing on the White River Division.
Peter Mumby and I are currently working on a NH 40' PS-1 boxcar. The motivation to begin such a project came from a photo Peter had of a similar car. We both liked the boxcar red colouring and neither of us had done a NH car with this great style of lettering, so why not duplicate one. We both found a CDS dry transfer that will work for this project. Since I had NH on the mind I decided to pull out my only two NH cars to date. Both are Branchline Yardmaster Series offerings from a few years ago. When assembled these cars look really good. I did as usual add a few extra details to both cars plus a good dose of powder and chalk weathering.

NH 36484
I assembled this kit in 2009 adding a few extra details. The main assembly is very easy with just the couplers being changed out with Kadee #58 true scale couplers. I carved off the grabs and used finer versions from my parts box. Cut levers are also added. The stirrups are thin so I left them alone. The car got a heavy coating of powders.

This boxcar I purchased and assembled in 2012. I used Kadee #58 true scale couplers. I added a wire bleed rod and bent wire uncoupling levers. The stirrups are also thin on this model so are left as is. The grab irons are shaved off and new ones I had on hand at the time are added. This car really stands out on the layout without weathering so a good dose of white and gray powders are added to dull it down a bit. 

These are two really sharp lookers for my era which find their way into my trains on regular basis...George Dutka

This photo is what motivated Peter and I to construct a model of a NH 40' PS-1.
I added a good dose of chalk and powder once I finished adding a few extra details to this Branchline model.
This is my other Branchline Yardmaster Series model. I really like the distinctive colouring on this model. It too got a wash of powders and chalk.

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