Saturday 27 December 2014

N Scale Vermont Talc Plant - More Views

I added a lot of clutter around the base of this N scale structure. Note the talc sacks I formed from paper inside the loading door. I used some small HO scale signs in the scene which seemed to work well.
I had a few more views that I thought I should show you. I think they give you a good feel of how the complex came together including the junk piles added...George Dutka

I used up all the skids for clutter around the complex. Gary only had one worker on his original scene and here he is track side.
Looking at the shaft from the talc mine. One of the old talc signs can be seen rusting along the base of the plant. The small building is two leftovers halve structures that I cemented together then added a lot of junk piled up all around. The talc stone is actually limestone shavings and fine limestone powders that looked good for this scene.
An overhead view of the whole module.
This end of the plant has 4 loading doors that are used for bagged products.
I added a ramp to get the workers from the track loader over to the loading door. Although I used very fine Highball ballast, N scale gray I don't like how it looks. I went back with some weeds and ground foam to hide and blend the track work a bit. If I was to do it again I would put the ballast down first then attach the track over that. I would then put down a bit of very fine ground foam over the ties and ballast to blend it all together. I personally feel the proportion of N scale flex track ties and rails are not that great for N scale modeling.

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  1. George

    Great modeling. I have a couple questions for you could you please email me.

    Thanks shawn