Sunday 14 December 2014

Hunterline - 50' Queen Post Bridge

The bridge displays ranged from N to O scale.
WOD Make and Take Workshop
Yesterday Don Janes, Peter Mumby and I attended the WOD (NMRA sub.) Make and Take workshop in Ingersoll, Ont. For Peter and I it was our second such workshop. This time we spent the day building a 50' Queen Post bridge supplied by Hunterline. Peter and I built the S scale version for use on our On30" modules while Don went for the HO scale model. Don built the 12' wide bridge to use as a car and tractor overpass. Peter and I built the 16' wide versions for our trains to cross over.

Rick Hunter and his wife Maureen talked us through the process saving us from reading much of the instructions. We also picked up a few tips along the way. All went well and by mid afternoon we had a 90% finished bridge. We all had some rod supports to add and more nut and bolt castings...a great day of modeling and catching up...George Dutka

The day began by distressing the wood and staining it our desired colours. They gave us each two bottles of stain for that purpose.
Peter is working on his side supports. Using wax paper over the drawings helped out with this.
Don is well underway on his HO scale bridge.
Here is mine prior to adding the metal supports. We all used different finishes on our models. Mine is mostly Hunterline Creosote black. The bridge ties did have a few darker ones added to resemble replaced ties.
Don, Peter and my bridges are seen at the end of the work day. There are still a few details to be added before they can be installed on the layout. We will show you them once completed.

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