Thursday 18 December 2014

Christmas Get-together

Peter's PanPastel display included a group of his recent weathered rolling stock. Peter Mumby photo.
On Tuesday Peter Mumby had his annual Christmas get-together. The gang that showed up was made up of a model RR group ( Peter belongs to two groups) and some RR friends. One of Peter's friend Don McQueen was able to make it this year. Unfortunately I could not attend, but Peter sent me a photo of a display he had set up for the guys to checkout, Pan Pastel tubs and his finished models. Some of these models we have covered last winter in this blog. Peter also does a great slide show using two slide projectors. It is always a treat to see what he has arranged. Peter is one of only a few in our area that still shoots a few slides...George Dutka

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  1. I've been experimenting lately with weathering with pan pastels as well, they work pretty nicely, and pretty easy to control. A little tricky working around grab irons, but that's any sort of weathering with powders or a brush as well.