Friday, 13 March 2015

CNR Slab Side Covered Hoppers - True Line Trains

CV 4547 handles a string of CNR freight cars offered by True Line Trains.
Once Peter and I finished our CNR reefers I went through my rolling stock packages that have yet to be opened. I came across two CNR slab side covered hoppers I had purchased a few years back but have yet to put in service. Not sure why it is taking so long, but now might be the right time. The cars are beautifully detailed and ready to roll. I got out my powders and toned down the shine a bit and off they go...George Dutka

CNR 135613 was built in 5-1960. It was a group built over a two year period. These hoppers had 8 round hatches on the roof. This car will work well in 1960's and onward trains as these cars had a long life.
CNR 135220 built 6-54 was a group of cars which had 6 square roof hatches. I can add this hopper into my 1950's fleet.


  1. These are fantastic models. I built some of the Sylvan resin kits for slab sides, but I like these much better! Such a cool and distinctive looking car.

    1. They sure are and well worth the money...a lot of fine detailing included...George