Saturday 7 March 2015

Slate Roofing - Renovation

This is how my Rutland Car Shop section house looked when removed from the original scene.
As I was getting my section house ready for addition to its new home I thought the roofing needed an update. I actually was going to replace it with Northeastern slate roofing but I thought I would give it a go with some paint first. I applied a wash of some Floquil colours on random shingles to give it a more desired look of slate. I then added some more Bragdon powders to blend it in. Think it turned out pretty good...George Dutka

The updated roof which was only a few minute upgrade.
The slate roofing got a coat of SP lark gray and reefer gray on random shingles. I first dipped the brush in thinner then a dab of dark gray then light gray. I mix this all together on a piece of paper card or plastic. Then I use various shades on random shingles.
My finished drop in diorama is good to go.

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