Sunday, 15 March 2015

N Scale Rollingstock - Adding some interest to the interior

A placard and some scrap lumber to the interior is added for some added interest. Although this is an N scale model one can do the same in HO or O scale to a few cars in your yard.
One of my new N scale boxcar finds is modeled with the door open...I actually did not know doors open on N scale boxcars. It was a very simple upgrade that one can complete in minutes. I gave the interior floor a wash of stain and powders then just glued some of my small leftover wood pieces to the floor. Cars that do not carry lumber do have scraps laying around inside as bracing and spacing material. Other material one could add is wire as banding and brown paper as cardboard wrapping. I once again added a placard to my car which is HO scale. It reads unload this side and the reverse on the other door...and no I am not converting to N scale, just having some fun in another scale...George Dutka

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