Thursday 19 March 2015

What's in the Box No. 14

N scale Laser-Art kit by Branchline.
Crosby's Coal - N Scale
You may remember I promised to build a couple of kits for Gary. Here we have a look at what is in the box of the N scale Crosby's Coal kit. I had already built this kit in HO scale, now to try a tiny little one. I found this Branchline kit taxing in HO scale although it did come out well in the end. I am wondering what is to come in a smaller scale. The parts are all nicely cut with no warps. The base is also a nice straight one. My HO scale base was warped which took a good amount of effort to make useful. This kit also has stick on slate roofing which was a nice surprise. The trim is peel and stick which speeds things up....George Dutka

The decals are nice and flow off easy on the wooden siding. One gets a choice of red or white. One has to cut the plastic chute material to length.
The base is a nice flat casting.

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