Friday 6 March 2015

What's in the box no. 13

All one gets in the kit is seen here.
Mount Blue Model Company has a nice looking model of the Andover, Maine general store. I picked up this model at the January's Springfield Train Show. Although it looks like a small size store at their display and in photos, once built it is a bigger than expected structure. I found it dwarfs some of my other structures that I feel are large in size. I think many of the model producers reduce the size some what to better fit our layouts. Many of the structures I have measured and built are normally 80% of their true size. This structure I feel might have been produced full size. Mine will be sitting at the diamond with mostly tiny building around it so no problems there. I guess I am giving you a heads up. If you plan to purchase this structure it may seem out of scale if set next to say a Northeastern Models barn is at least three quarters the barn's size.

The instructions are clear with a good amount of photos.The walls go together extremely well. All the windows and doors fit without any sanding or filing. There even are door knobs to be added to the doors. The screen door is awesome. My model will be getting a slate roof instead of the ribbed roofing included. The roof even has the hole cut for the chimney making it easy to install. The single detail included is a barrel. The wall and roofing design seems to brace the building well but I would still add some additional bracing. I am looking forward to adding my model to my crossing scene shortly...George Dutka

The laser cut wood pieces are nice and clean with no sheet warping.
The kit includes signs and some Tichy windows. The big front window and doors are laser cut wood.

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