Thursday, 12 March 2015

N Scale - New Haven Insulated Boxcar

My Atlas NH car got a light coat of Bragdon weathering and placards on the sides. I actually used HO scale placards which are cut down as small as I could. They still can be read on the car and actually look pretty good.
Peter and I found a deal on a group of N scale rolling stock recently at a local train show. I got five cars and Peter four. One a New Haven insulated boxcar was of special interest. I have one in HO scale, but from the days it ran in red, white and blue. Some of these red, white and blue cars continued through till the end of the NH in 1967. Changes to their appearance began once McGinnis left the NH in January 1956. Beginning sometime in 1956  the paint scheme was simplified. They were painted boxcar red with all white lettering including the large block herald. These reefers also had their charcoal heaters removed by the time of repaint.

The NH originally ordered 100  (no. 45000-45099) of these insulated boxcars for use in potato and news print traffic shipments in 1953. Their order was attached to a BAR order of 450 cars...George Dutka

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