Saturday 21 March 2015

Structure Size?

Holding my just finished Mount Blue Model Co. general store next to a Northeastern Models barn one can see they are close to the same size. One would not want these two structures close to each other. My model will be set by a grouping of small structures. It should work out well on the WRD.
Doug Currie stopped by this week to take a look at the WRD and some of my narrow gauge projects. I had a really busy week but it worked out just right for Doug's early morning visit. At one point we discussed sizing of kits being produced. I had just finished my Andover, Maine general store which was this month's What's in the Box No. 13. I mentioned the larger size of this building in that post. I placed the model beside some of my other structures so Doug could see the comparison I was talking about. He agreed and quickly said it could work well for S scale if a larger front door was added. Doug models Maine in Sn2 and this could make a good addition to his collection.

Yesterday I spent a few minutes taking these two photo. Once I examined them on my laptop I  realized the front door was actually too large for HO scale and I think it could be easily used in S scale as is. I do not have a S scale figure to place by the door, but I am sure it will work....George Dutka

When I took a closer look at this photo I noticed the HO scale figures seem maybe too small next to the doorway. I think one can easily use this structure as an S scale model as is. The front window is large also. This kit uses larger size Tichy windows on the sidewalls and and up above.

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