Friday 17 July 2015

Canaan, Connecticut - Station 2015

Canaan Union station looking north on May 31 2015. It was used by the New Haven Ry. and actually served as a passenger station till 1971.
Don and I stopped by Canaan, Connecticut and the rebuilt Union Station once used by the New Haven Ry. I had seen many photos over the years of this station but did not know where Canaan was. As it turned out it was almost on our route home from Collinsville RPM. We stopped by the RR Model & Hobby Supply in Winsted, Ct. There we found a built HO scale model of the Canaan station. We then realized how close Canaan was to our present location and off we went...George Dutka

Looking east the light colour portion of the structure is the new build after a fire which destroyed a large portion of the station in Oct. 2001.

The diamond at the south side of the station has been removed a few years ago.

A roadside view of the station. The highway signs help you get your bearings. As one can see the light painted wing of the station is all new. That must have been a huge undertaking repairing this structure.

The yard north of the station is still busy with a good supply of covered hoppers. As you can see we are having a rainy visit.
I took this shot using my telephoto lens from the engine facilities of the Housatonic Ry. There is a rock cut between the two locations.
I found this sign on the station.


  1. George, Thanks for posting the Canaan Station photos I was wondering how far the rebuilding of the structure has progressed. I also built the Branchline model which I painted in the original cream with white trim. Thanks again, JOHN

  2. Your welcome...I may build a N scale version at some point...George

  3. George, thanks for the trip down memory lane! My grandfather was caretaker at the church camp in West Cornwall down the river a bit, and my grandmother lived many years in the senior housing just west of the station, on land that was once the roundhouse. As a kid, I often took the New Haven RDC up to and from this station.

    1. Glad to hear from you...I found Canaan to be a neat spot to visit and I hope to get back there at some point to railfan the local railroad...George