Friday 10 July 2015

What's in the Box No. 18

There are a lot to build up in this N scale kit. Each window is a three part assembly and the loading platforms have numerous pieces to be added.
N Scale Creamery
Branchline laser kit of an N scale creamery is a neat looking model. One can also purchase an ice house which was normally found nearby. The prototype of this kit is along the NYO&W at Clarks near Campbell Hall, NY. The instruction sheet is very good. The windows and wall trim has a sticky backing speeding up the process. One thing that I would have liked to have seen included in the kit was wall bracing. This will have to come from my parts box...George Dutka

The window and door sheet is seen here up close. They make up some really fine looking windows. The wall trim is also seen on this sheet.
The only detail parts included are two chimneys. I actually used one cut in half for my model as they are too tall. The spare will come in handy later on...I do have a frt. house still to build. The platform sheet is seen also in this photo. There are a good number of bracing and footings to assemble. The wooden platforms need some reinforcements which are not included.

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