Thursday 9 July 2015

N Scale - Coal Tower

N scale coal tower as it looks after the weathering is done. I am not sure the heritage of the tower or the company who made it as I have not been following N scale product lines at all.
One Hour Weathering Project
Don sent me some photos of what he has been up to recently in his basement...and it was a lot. I had not been down in the basement since I got back from Collinsville a month ago. A few days ago I had about a hour or two to kill before my wife and I headed out. So with Don's inspiration of all he got done I went down stairs to see what I could do in about an hour. On the corner of my workbench I have a coal tower that I added one leg brace and coal chute. I had primed it gray a couple of months ago and just need to colour and weather it...something that could be done in an hour. I had picked up this N scale coal tower this spring at the Woodstock train show for a couple of bucks. As mentioned it was missing a platform and coal chute. As it turned out I got my airbrush out to add some more colour to the tower and finished another project to Rapido NH smoker/coach needed some black applied to the roof, underbody and trucks. They have been sitting in the garage in the to-do paint area since Collinsville...George Dutka
The finished coal tower has an emulated metal roofing which I gave a rusty look. I plan on using this structure on a N scale module Peter and I plan on building this fall. I picked up a CNR Mikado at the same train show for a ridiculous price that I plan to pose under this...will fill you in later on the engine.
The N scale coal tower is ready for priming. A new stripwood base and coal chute is added.

I just used a can of auto primer to give the model something for the Bragdon powder to grab on to.

I began by adding various Bragdon powders to the primed model. It looked good but too light. I had planned to paint my Rapido NH coach underbody and roof black along with the I got out my airbrush and hit the coal tower at the same time with a light coat of Floquil grimy black. I applied more black to the underside of the tower.

Once the paint was applied I went back over the roofing with more rust and the walls with some brown and black powders. I dabbed some green powders on the window trim so they stand out a bit better.

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