Saturday 18 July 2015

Canaan Union Station - Vintage Views

This early era photo has a northbound train stopped at the station blocking the diamond crossing. The semaphore signal is currently installed in the parking lot.
Here are some extra interesting views and postcard of the Canaan, Connecticut station and surroundings from various era`s. Built in 1872 one can find more views of this station on line. The station has a historical society that is always looking for more images...George Dutka

A passenger train stopped at the station in 1948.
To the west of the station was a large steel water tank which is not seen in many station photos. Charles Gunn photo 1954.

A 1940's view looking north.

Ground floor 1948 and track plan.

Canaan 1948

The Canaan depot is of Victorian influence. G. H. Bundy a cabinet maker was the craftsmanship that makes the building distinct. The chief engineer of the railroad was credited with the design. The second floor once housed a lunch counter or restaurant.
Built in 1872 this station was almost totally destroyed by a fire in Oct. 2001. Hard to believe it was rebuilt.
A postcard from 1905 views the station.

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