Sunday 26 July 2015

Thomas the Tank - St. Thomas, Ontario

At the southern edge of the city, Thomas has just started the return trip to the Memorial Centre.
                                         Thomas at St. Thomas
                                               Photos and Story by Peter Mumby

I know it's nice and cool in the basement, but the weather outside is fine - and Thomas is in St. Thomas!  So, put down that hobby knife, cap up that tube of glue, and put the lid back on that kit box.  Grab the grandkids and head off for a "Day out with Thomas."  They'll love seeing Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt, and they'll have a renewed interest in your layout when they return home.

A Day Out with Thomas is the major annual fund raiser for the Elgin County Railroad Museum.  The train is boarded at the St. Thomas - Elgin Memorial Centre and heads to the south edge of the city.  The North section of this trackage is city-owned; the south portion belongs to Port Stanley Terminal Rail.  ECRM contributes a coach and a former troop sleeper to the consist, while the locomotive and the balance of the rolling stock are provided by PSTR.

Here we see PSTR L3 "Winnie" leaving the Memorial Centre.  In an earlier life, L3 toiled for the Greater Winnipeg Water District as their #103, and started its career 12/1950 as CN 7751.

ECRM "troop sleeper" 8367 is ex-C&O service 910076, built 3/1948.  Be careful if you are going to run one of these on your layout - those Allied Full Cushion trucks have been banned from interchange since 1955!

This ECRM coach (PS, 1955) originated as LIRR 2841.  It pays the freight by carrying a lot of City of St. Thomas advertising.
Thomas crosses Elm St with the assistance of a volunteer flag person.  July 24, 2015.mas at St. Thomas.


  1. And the best part is... it goes right past Pierre Oliver's house! I saw Thomas on Friday - every 15 minutes, actually.
    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

    1. Nice to know you had a front row seat for the event...George

  2. I drive the PSTR and Thomas trains. L3 is my favourite locomotive to run.

  3. Slight correction. The troop sleeper was built in 1944. The Canadian Trackside Guide is incorrect. All troop sleepers were built by 1945. I believe it was sold to the C&O in 1948.