Saturday 25 July 2015

Fast Forwarding - Era Change on the White River Division

Central Vermont power awaits an assignment in White River Jct. yard on the White River Division. It is the 1960's or 1970's depending on the other rolling stock added. CV 4547 is actually a Front Range engine I turned into a dummy unit. GT 4450 is an Athearn unit that is un-powered also. I guess I best run a DCC sound unit down to the yard or these guys are not going anywhere soon.
Era changing this summer 
I got to taking a few photos of what I have out on the layout as far as equipment this summer. I tried to pick locations that do not look like the 1950's. Some photos needed extra cropping to take care of that. Lets see how it all looks like for the moment. At some point I best find a few vehicles, details and structure that help set the era better....George Dutka

A look into White River Junction yard we find MEC, PC, CPR and CNR rolling stock awaiting routing. All have some degree of modifications and weathering added.

The tracks are full behind the Fairlee, Vt. freight house. The gondola is an Ertl model and the boxcars are Details West products.
A CPR freight passes the only detail that does not really fit the scene...the ball signal might have been around but not in use. A track full of cars are ready for a B&M lift.

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