Thursday 7 July 2016

A Stone and Brick Mix

Would you ever think of modeling your brick and stone wall next to your door this way. Well this is how it looks in Collinsville, Ct.
Last year while at the Collinsville prototype meet Don and I spent some time photographing the large factory in town seen in yesterday's Wordless Wednesday. One structure had an interesting stone and brick arrangement...thought I would share those photos with you...George Dutka

A step back view of the doorway.

Out front this is the signage.
A look at the whole structure, a real mix of materials.


  1. One of my favorite structures in town. I've pointed it out to a number of craftsman kit manufacturers when the NE Proto Meet was still in Collinsville, I think it would be a great model kit. Unique, yet looks like it would fit in well on a lot of layouts.

    1. Hi Randy it sure would make a nice kit...George

  2. Given the different and many surfaces, this (and similar ) structures would seem to be great subjects for a photo shopped background flat

  3. Hi Roger that might work also...I think this structure would look great on any layout in any form...George