Friday 1 July 2016

New Law in Effect Today in Vermont

Got the following e-mail from Jim Murphy today regarding railfanning in Vermont...George Dutka

Hi all. Most of you might already know or do not care but the state of Vermont passed a new law which went into effect today July 1st to do with trespassing on railroad property and if you do not have a permit it is a $200 fine and any police office can fine you even AMTRAK so any of you who like to photo the railroads here in Vermont be very careful. You all have a great Independence day weekend.
Jim Murphy


  1. The only rail line left in Vermont that is not owned by the State of Vermont is the G&W's New England Central. Thus, as taxpayers and residents of Vermont, it will be interesting to see what happens when somebody questions how they can be charged for trespass on property that the taxpayers not only have ownership of but are actually subsidizing.