Saturday 23 July 2016

MEC 50' PS-1 Interior

My current project involves a MEC PS-1 50' boxcar that has been modeled with an open door viewing the leftover paper scraps and banding.
With all the heat and humidity out there I have been inside working on a few projects for my wife and at my work bench. I have been working at cleaning up a few rolling stock projects that have been hanging around for sometime now and awaiting my motivation. I will fill you in on those shortly.

 A couple of years ago Peter got us a $10 deal on two Kadee 50' PS-1 boxcars. For mine I decided to paint it in MEC green with the silver door and tiny herald. The car got painted and set aside for a couple of years. Since then at a train show I came across a MEC trio of the same car I had still awaiting decaling. These cars were offered by Intermountain. Peter and I built one each this past winter and the third was set aside for a later date which came this week. The kit is actually a pain to assemble. The ends, doors and roofwalk are all warped and need glueing and clamping. I was not looking forward to this project. I wanted to model an open door paper car which had been unloaded. This became that car...captions tell the story about the mess inside...George Dutka

I added the details that would show through the door in this Intermountain kit before I added the roof. The floor got a coat of Floquil black then grime dabbed on. I also added some powders to the mix. The leftover paper scrap that can be found in paper shipment is modeled with brown bag pieces cut to width and glued into place. I rolled one piece around a screwdriver shaft before adding. The band wire is electrical tape cut to length and placed randomly.


  1. Looks great, thanks for sharing the methods, I'll be adding some of this to a boxcar or two.

  2. Hi Mike:
    Yes I guess that is right down your alley since you model the doors with a bit showing really adds interest in a siding...have a great summer...George