Friday 22 July 2016

Call 911 - Railway Safety and Training Equipment

Chris Martin shot this slide of CP 911 on Oct. 10, 2015 in London, Ontario.

Commentary by Peter Mumby
Photos by Chris Martin and Peter Mumby.

Late last fall my friend Chris Martin gave me a slide of CP 911, a hazmat training car that had been sitting in Quebec St. yard in London, Ontario.  This got me digging in to the collection to find photos of similar cars that I had seen, also sharing the 911 number.  Although not carrying the 911 identifier, I will also present a rubber tired safety vehicle sponsored by Direction 2006, Operation Lifesaver, and Transport Canada.

Labelled as a VAF Training Car, GTW 911-R was lensed by Chris Martin on May 15, 1995 in Durand Mi.

CN 911, likely a refinished version of the previous GTW car, was photographed in London on Aug. 04, 2014.

Here we see CN 911 again, this time in the company of the DuPont/Norfolk Southern safety train.  This 3-car set consists of tank car DUPX 913A, box car DUPX 913B, and caboose DUPX 913 C.

This Direction 2006 safety vehicle was in attendance at a safety convention in London on May 08, 2007.

Anyone know of a decal set for an HO model of this vehicle?

CCPX 911 had been repainted in dark blue by June 14, 2003 when I caught up to it at Walkley Yard in Ottawa.  The occasion was an Ottawa Central open house.

CCPX 911, belonging to the Canadian Chemical Producers Association, was passing through London on Nov. 26, 1991.

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