Saturday 16 July 2016

CP GP35 Display

A CP engine mounted on a small display is assembled for my nephew, a CP conductor.
My nephew works out west for the CP. His service is about a year and a half. My wife though it would be nice to make him up a engine display for his mantle or desk. My friend Bob Hannah had just stopped by with a box of old Bachmann engines, rolling stock, and brass track that was passed along to him. He thought I might find a use for it. Well I did for one of the engines already. The GP35 is now off to Saskatchewan...George Dutka

I decided to spruce up the standard display with a bit of details, weeds and grass. The engine got Kadee couplers and some weathering.

I added a conductor and engineman to the plain Bachmann engine.
The base is a 11" by 3 1/2" piece of pine with a bit of a bevel. I sprayed it flat black adding a piece of brass track which is given a coat of gray primer and India ink stain. The rails got a dusting of Bragdon rust. I used flocking, ground foam, cinders and dirt to finish off the scene.
For more interest I added a crossing approach sign which normally is used on the roadway...but you know those CP guys...enough said.

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