Friday 15 July 2016

Portland Terminal Boxcar

My finished Accurail boxcar after a short visit to my workbench this summer.
Some years ago at a long forgotten train show I picked up an Accurail boxcar finished in PTM paint with logo's. This became my to humid to go outside project which only took a couple of afternoons. The main change was replacing the side ladders with grab irons. I only did a rough carving as I did not want to remove the corner details and the bit left would not really show. I also added a missing brake wheel and added cut levers, Tichy grab irons, and new stirrups.

Since this car was going to be used in the 1970's-80's fleet it got a good dose of powder weathering. I also used some old silver washed over with rust on the roofing. The car did have some weathering sprayed on when I got it but needed improvement. I also used a pencil to run along the grooves in the boards and along the roof walk which helped highlight the boards. The grabs and stirups got painted with a mix of Floquil Reading green and Brunswick Green. Think it turned out pretty good with minimal effort...George Dutka

Carving off the ladder was not all that hard. I did not take it down as close to the siding as I usually do. But leaving a bit and staying away from the sandpaper the other details are saved.
I still need to touch up the paint on the new grabs and weather the sides. I decided to play around with the roofing a bit adding some additional streaking.

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