Saturday 30 July 2016

MEC S-2 Alco Switcher

MEC power is seen on the WRD hauling my just finished MEC PS-1 50' boxcars.
One of the other model railroad pieces Bruce Douglas gave me on my visit earlier this summer was this well detailed Atlas engine, MEC #302. Bruce is out of HO scale modeling now concentrating on his growing S scale truck collection. Many of these trucks he has modeled using his own made decals. Bruce was in the printing graphic design industry for many years. When modeling in HO scale he was working on a SJ&LC layout.

MEC #302 was built in 1949 (301-303) and used until about 1980. On this model Bruce added wire grabs, class lights, wipers, an engineman and a modified stack. Bruce also painted and lettered this engine. I did do a couple of thing to it as the paint was chipped on the handrails when unwrapped. This I touched up with Floquil CN #12 yellow and added jewels to the class lights. I decided to add a touch of weathering to the trucks and lower areas, just so it shows better in photos and when viewed up close. Bragdon powders was used. At some point it will be brought back to the workbench for the addition of DCC and sound. For now it just looks good spotted on an un-powered sidings...George Dutka

This is how Bruce Douglas's Alco looked once unpacked and posed at Westboro. You may note some chipped paint and dust that will be removed shorty.
All has been touched up and some weathering can be seen on the trucks and around the stack. This is the lead leaving Westboro for WRJ. instead of a river crossing I have a roadway underpass dividing the two areas. Just no room for that great river bridge found in White River Jct. By the way the stonework is a New England Brownstone offering.

Heading to WRJ it looks like MEC #302 is busy pulling an empty sand car from the Westboro shop track area. There is a loaded sand car in the WRJ yard to take it's place.
MEC 302 as it looked in early 1980 and how Bruce modeled his engine.

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