Friday 22 July 2016

New Brick and Stone Complex for WRD

I built a stone structure a couple of years ago using Railway Design Associates bits and pieces. Recently using some of Don's castings I came up with this add-on complex which should add additional interest to the backdrop in Bellows Falls.
Don Janes dropped off some castings for me to play around with on his last visit. I am actually building another building flat to expand the look of the Bellows Falls tunnel scene using these casting. To add some additional interest to the Bellows Falls backdrop I decided to assemble a few of Don's castings into a complex that once added to my finished stone structure looks really good. Amazing what one can do with leftovers...George Dutka

I cut some styrene roofing and added a wood sided throughway between the two buildings.

The smoke stack is a Sylvan casting that has been moved from my Bellows Crossing scene.

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